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Strangers Who Become Family  To be honest with you, I wouldn’t be where I am now without my travel company,


Strangers Who Become Family 

To be honest with you, I wouldn’t be where I am now without my travel company, Happy Soul Adventures. I have come from just getting by in life to living my true purpose and doing what it is I absolutely love.

When I moved to Mogobane village, which is about 30km out of the capital city Gaborone, I was going through major personal life issues. I was tired of living the city life that wasn’t really feeding my soul, I needed a place that I could completely connect with. And worst of it all, I had broken up with a guy that I had given my heart to and a big portion of it. And to make it even worse, I WAS 3 MONTHS PREGNANT when we broke up. He was blatantly honest with me that he wasn’t ready for such a huge commitment and I literally packed all my stuff and left for the unknown.

I moved to a village where I literally didn’t know anyone except for the person I rented the guesthouse from. I lived at the guesthouse alone with my 2 amazingly beautiful dogs that really comforted by broken soul. Little did I know that, God had a plan for me and what unfolded was absolute magic to say the least.

  • I have met clients who have made me have hope in ‘love’ because I’m a hopeless romantic and was worried that I would never be able to love again.
  • I have met clients who are now family, we keep in touch and have allowed me to be my best authentic self around them.
  • I have hosted clients who came very broken and I healed their hearts with my warm soul and they really made me appreciate the small things in life.
  • After giving birth to my daughter, I went for months without buying her clothes and even her daily baby essentials, that’s how blessed I am.

I am truly looking forward to hosting them yet again and I honestly can’t wait to show them my new spot because they have constantly been supporting me and they are my biggest of cheerleaders.

I could literally write an amazing experiential coffee table book about my HSA clients because in them I found peace, love and purpose!

Thank you to everyone that has built this brand with me, your support is very much appreciate and looking forward to building more with you!

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Help Save a Small Business Tue, 21 Apr 2020 13:36:47 +0000

  The effects of the COVID’19 on small businesses has been very hard to say the least. One of our


The effects of the COVID’19 on small businesses has been very hard to say the least. One of our core values at Happy Soul Adventures has always been to support the local communities that we are based in and unfortunately, we have also been hit very hard by this pandemic with us now not having any income to sustain our business.

Having established Happy Soul Adventures, it is our duty to see how we can help ourselves and our communities to survive the after effects of COVID’19. We have therefore found it fit to set up a campaign that we have called ‘Save a small business’ which is primarily to help raise funds for us small businesses.

The biggest challenge that we are currently facing is pretty much ‘lack of funds’ to sustain our businesses and the biggest worry of it all is the debt overload that we will incur once all this is over. Imagine trying to save your business after the pandemic and you already come out with  2-3 months of debt.

The government has put in some measures to assist businesses during these uncertain times but we cannot afford to sit and wait because we don’t know when we will finally get that assistance.

Therefore, this is a kind plead to the general public and organizations who are able to assist.

To assist, you can choose one of the following options:

(a) Donate from as little as BWP100 or USD10

(b) Book and pay in advance for one of our services

For more information on the campaign, contact us on the below details:

Contact Email             :

Contact Person            : Cynthia B. Mothelesi (HSA Director/Owner)

Contact Number         : +267 71891937


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Our Experiences at HSA Sun, 25 Nov 2018 18:57:47 +0000

  I know I haven’t blogged in a very long time and I have a lot to share with you.


A love so pure and I can’t wait to visit again! This time around, I’m spending a couple of nights with them.

I know I haven’t blogged in a very long time and I have a lot to share with you. If you follow us on our social media, you will be up to date with all the activities that we have been up to. We just recently launched a sister company under Mmamontle which purely focuses on the creative space of Botswana. What I love about these two brands (HSA & MM) is that they are very much aligned and therefore we are able to merge them together to offer you various experiences. I’m now confident enough to share that, 2019 will be a great year of exploring this beautiful unique country of ours together and we also can’t wait to host various people from outside of Botswana as well as outside the continent to come and learn our unique way of life and truly immerse themselves in our story. I will be announcing some 2019 tour packages of Botswana which you should definitely  enroll into if you are on a self discovery pattern that will truly set your soul alight.


When life gives you lemons, make some lemonade and add some extra sugar and sparkling water! Happiness is beautiful!

As the creative founder of HSA, I have been through some emotional turmoil to be where I am. But what I learnt was not to continue with the life choices I had made, but to rather go back to the basics, unlearn what I thought was right and allow myself to just be me and redefine my own narrative. And to be honest with you, I feel so much happier, so much at peace, very much humble and in touch with my surroundings, I truly take pleasure in the small things.

My Madam friend…my new found BFF! Such a beautiful soul, very loving and you will laugh the entire time while there. Can’t wait to visit again! She has truly won my heart!

A true HSA experience with the locals, we dance and sing and laugh. It’s all love!

Beautiful chicken, such a poser!

There’s an experience that I’m launching soon which I feel every person should enroll into especially if you want to tackle issues of sexuality. I have identified a lovely host, a beautiful lady in the rural communities of Botswana, who will be teaching us about our bodies and if you have any sexual problems you can share with her. Issues of impotence for both men and women, low sex drive, menopause. These are topics that are deemed taboo in my culture but for a strange reason, in some parts of my country, they are discussed openly and I believe we can learn a lot from these women.

E reng GLOW? The GLOW is very much evident!

I’m highly expressive when it comes to sex and not shy to discuss whether with my close friends or partner and to be honest with you, my sex drive is dangerous if I have to say it so myself. And in these women, I found my true sisters who get me! I’m even giggling as I share this post cos these are the stuff dreams are made of, SEX is important, and great SEX will make you go GAGA! AND THE GLOW IS EVIDENT! (Stop it Cynth!!! Ha ha…silly me!)

Our Gaborone Karaoke nights on a combi to a local bar! Every Wednesday! Do book yourself a spot!

Enough about this awesome topic and do enroll into this adventure of a lifetime with HSA. I actually have some herbs that I was given by my dear friends which help with self lubrication. If you want to hear more, enroll into our dinner parties where you will get to hear and learn more on them. Or you can enroll into our City karaoke nights at one of our local pubs, maybe you feel like cycling in the bush then we are ready to host you.


Feel free to reach out to us for a lovely experience, we always have something fun to do!


Keep well and looking forward to more interactions with you.

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Happy Soul Adventures Featured on CNN Mon, 20 Aug 2018 12:30:56 +0000

About over a month ago, we shot a segment here in Gaborone for Market Place Africa on CNN. This was


Interview by the bridge overlooking the Gaborone Bus Terminal

About over a month ago, we shot a segment here in Gaborone for Market Place Africa on CNN. This was such a big opportunity for me and I’m eternally grateful. I strongly believe that the disruptive economy is here to stay and it’s going to be the biggest game changer in the global economy and we all need to see how we can become a part of it one way or the other. One thing I love about this model is because its success story highly relies on collaborations and indeed if we work together as a team and not compete, we can create amazing things. Also, what I love about this model is that, everyone gets to benefit. I started my travel company Happy Soul Adventures beginning of the year and got licensed in March by the Government tourism division.

I am a happy soul and I love meeting people and hosting is part of my DNA, and that’s how HSA started. And my hospitality experience and exposure from my previous job has tremendously contributed to the success of my company. Also, my creative background has massively helped me position my company very very well. I pretty much do everything myself from web development, video editing, photography and concept development. I am  very much hands and my wish is to see HSA out there selling Botswana based on our story as the people of Botswana. I believe our safari model is a very successful one and will continue doing very well for us because it has been packaged very well both by our government and all various stakeholders in the hospitality industry.

My dream is to see more people coming to Botswana to come and see how we live and truly immerse themselves in our culture. Italy is a great example of this model, people go to Italy to learn about their history, eat their pasta, drink plenty of wine, dance to Italian music (well that’s exactly what I did last year when I traveled to Italy). I came home very refreshed and energized and wanted to see how I could also tap into this model.

Thanks to Airbnb, I have so far hosted 20 people and I offer them a true local experience. I want my guests to know about my culture, eat our food, dance to our local music (MOJEMO), learn a word or two of our local language, shop local art and listen to our stories.

Hosted Zanele from South Africa via Airbnb, she wanted to experience my city with a local and we did just that. Here we were at a monument which she requested to visit and I obliged.

After our tour, we went to a local pub/restaurant for a sundowner before we headed home to get ready to check out the night scene together. She has since gone back home and we still keep in touch. Such a lovely soul she is.


I recently hosted Brianna on a day tour of the city. She wanted to experience the local scene after her week long conference.

We went to a local market place where she tried out some local delicacies, which she ended buying to take home with.

Brianna requested for fabric shopping cos she’s busy refurbishing her house back in the States. We literally spent an hour in the fabric store cos she couldn’t decide what to buy. lol well eventually she did.

Brianna decided to check out of her hotel and come stay with us cos she wanted to hangout. Next day we went to eat at a local restaurant before we took her to the airport with my friends.

I have to admit, I have amazing friends around me with beautiful energies and all of my clients absolutely love them because we are happy souls!

All experiences are tailor made to what the client is looking for and this weekend I have hosted 3 clients on separate occasions and some now book outside of Airbnb cos we have connected really well.

Cycling tours are also part of what we offert. Recently hosted this amazing group of women and we went cycling in a small village outside of Gaborone called Manyana.

So much joy and peace out there! Happy Soul Adventures is the plug!

And I’m there to capture all these amazing experiences for you! Such a baddie!

Tomorrow I have a young lady that I’m taking on a city tour, she’s here with her father and she wants to experience a typical local scene. I love hosting and my wish is to hopefully soon move into a much bigger house and host more people because it gives me plenty of joy. Every week I have a new guest and conversations are such a breath of fresh air, they really feed my creative appetite and couldn’t ask for me. My wealth is way bigger than any bank account because my cup runneth full. And most of them are shocked that I’m single…lol…honestly right now I love myself way too much and keep all this energy to myself until I find that one guy who truly gets my vibe. I know I’m not getting any younger but I honestly can’t be bothered much cos my new career path keeps me alive! I am in a very good space of my life. Life is indeed grand!

The HSA, CNN interview link:


Below is the link to my Airbnb;


I would love to continue hosting and hope I will either host you soon or your friends. My lovely Botswana awaits you! All experiences are tailor made to your needs. You can email to  for more information on everything that we offer at Happy Soul Adventures. See you soon!

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Have you ever been to the Makgadikgadi Pans? Thu, 16 Aug 2018 13:02:24 +0000

For me, my ultimate goal is to just travel around Botswana and identify amazing locations and experiences that I can


Deep in the Makgadikgadi Pans, my happy place

For me, my ultimate goal is to just travel around Botswana and identify amazing locations and experiences that I can share with my guests. I believe my beautiful country has a lot of hidden gems just waiting to be discovered. My recent trip to the magical Makgadikgadi Pans was the first trip I ever did at my own personal capacity ever since I left my 9-5. This was a very empowering trip and experience for me because all the ideas that I had in mind and been planning eventually took shape and it was very much fun and liberating.

  1. I have always wanted to experience the train (Never been on one here at home) and also wanted to see if I can’t do a day trip from the capital city Gaborone all the way to the pans which is close to 800km if you are going to drive.

    The train ride from Gaborone to Francistown

  2. I wanted to stay in a caravan and host guests in there as well and the plan was to pull it with my car (which I only realized 3 days before I left that I didn’t have a tow bar)

    How cool is this? Girls who ride Jeeps are the coolest!

Firstly, I need to experience the Pans by train because I wanted to take my guests on a train experience. So one Friday evening instead of doing my usual Mojemo with friends (go out and drink), I decided, fuck it, I’m taking a train and the ultimate destination is the Makgadikgadi Pans. Took the 9pm train (which is the only one and runs on that time schedule everyday without fail) and arrived in Francistown at 6am. It was still dark when I arrived and asked a local taxi driver to take me to a local guest house cos I needed a hot shower before I could do anything.

The Magical Blue Train!

After the shower, off I went to Wimpy restaurant to have breakfast and plan on how I will get to my final destination. Made a couple of calls, and it was kinda annoying in the beginning cos I couldn’t find a car to rent and there were no locker rooms where I could leave my bags (our cities need to seriously cater for budget travelers on the go, that convenience would go a long way).  I then rented a car from friends of friends and drove with them to the pans and I had to be the one driving cos their bodies were reeking of alcohol from a crazy night out and honestly, I don’t think they actually had any sleep when we met.

Breakfast at Wimpy before I hit the road!

Made it to the pans and it was fun and very liberating. We arrived at noon and stayed there until 5pm then we drove back to Francistown where I was to catch the night train which I did and by 6am the next day I was inside my house and in bed. I have always been a dreamer and most of the things I plan to do I disengage along the way. I have made a pact to myself that, whatever it is I want to do, budget permitting I will do and give it my all.

Hello Sowa Town!

With my two travel companions!

At the Race for Rhinos annual charity event in Sowa Town.


Immediately when I got back from my day trip to the pans, I then started planning an experience that I would then sell to my clients. After a radio interview that I did in one of our local radio stations, a couple reached out to me and told me that they have caravans that they would like me to use in some of my experiences. At the time we spoke, I was busy with another event (which I will post about very soon, a 4×4 car challenge which I absolutely love). I went to see the caravan and me being the creative that I am, ideas started popping and that night I couldn’t sleep. My creativity and way of thinking is very much influenced by the 60’s era, people in those years knew how to be free and lived their best lives. I truly believe in living in the now and being your authentic self no matter what, never apologize for who you are but always respect the people around you.

Welcome to the Happy Soul Adventures Mobile Airbnb…


Living la vida loca with my spirit animal Ma Brrrr (May her beautiful soul rest in eternal peace)

A week after seeing the caravan, I invited my best friend to join me to create a nice set up and take some pictures which we would use to market the experience and voila!!!

The caravan had a lounge that turns into a huge bed at night

Has a little kitchenette with a fridge, microwave and a stove

Own private shower and toilet

Incentives that I provided:

  • Food for you to cook (well I did most of the cooking)
  • Bluetooth speaker, wifi and a disco light (what a party!)
  • Binoculars and an instant camera
  • Books to read (but there was no time to read)
  • Bicycles to use to cycle around and explore the area

The pictures are clearly doing this post some much needed justice and you can see how amazing the caravan looked!


I hosted three (3) guests on separate occasions, one was a sole adventurer and two were best friends. The solo adventurer I went to pick her up from Francistown which was 3hrs from our camp and it proved to be quite a challenge (time and financially) and with the second guests who arrived two days later, I tried a different route and it became a logistical nightmare and the clients were not happy at all. That experience ended up almost ruining their trip but they were kind enough to accept the apology but their experience with me was very awkward I must admit.

Everything seemed very awkward and I learnt a lot from that experience and moving forward I now know the type of guests I want to host. Happy Soul Adventures is not about making money only but its mainly about making some lasting human connections and I want to engage with clients who are on that level too. All in all, it was an amazing experience and would certainly do it again. And to think I drove close to 800km by myself pulling a caravan, it really brought out a very fearless human being in me that I have always wanted to meet. I am very proud of myself for having done such an excellent job and arrived home safe. Set yourself goals and make sure you achieve atleast 70% of them, well I always strive for 100% and for this trip I can certainly give myself 90%. WELL DONE CYNTHIA!


The Makgadikgadi Skydive event takes places every year in July and it is such a fun event to experience. Skydiving, quad bikes, boat ride, cycling or just stay in a shade, listen to music and drink your favorite beverage whatever it may be. Definitely Happy Soul Adventures will be taking more people there and make sure you are part of our fun!

She bad!


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