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Some experiences are for the heart, your mind need not get it but your soul truly gets them. These are the experiences that light you up, that make you feel alive again!

Our Experiences at HSA


A love so pure and I can’t wait to visit again! This time around, I’m spending a couple of nights with them.

I know I haven’t blogged in a very long time and I have a lot to share with you. If you follow us on our social media, you will be up to date with all the activities that we have been up to. We just recently launched a sister company under Mmamontle which purely focuses on the creative space of Botswana. What I love about these two brands (HSA & MM) is that they are very much aligned and therefore we are able to merge them together to offer you various experiences. I’m now confident enough to share that, 2019 will be a great year of exploring this beautiful unique country of ours together and we also can’t wait to host various people from outside of Botswana as well as outside the continent to come and learn our unique way of life and truly immerse themselves in our story. I will be announcing some 2019 tour packages of Botswana which you should definitely¬† enroll into if you are on a self discovery pattern that will truly set your soul alight.


When life gives you lemons, make some lemonade and add some extra sugar and sparkling water! Happiness is beautiful!

As the creative founder of HSA, I have been through some emotional turmoil to be where I am. But what I learnt was not to continue with the life choices I had made, but to rather go back to the basics, unlearn what I thought was right and allow myself to just be me and redefine my own narrative. And to be honest with you, I feel so much happier, so much at peace, very much humble and in touch with my surroundings, I truly take pleasure in the small things.

My Madam friend…my new found BFF! Such a beautiful soul, very loving and you will laugh the entire time while there. Can’t wait to visit again! She has truly won my heart!

A true HSA experience with the locals, we dance and sing and laugh. It’s all love!

Beautiful chicken, such a poser!

There’s an experience that I’m launching soon which I feel every person should enroll into especially if you want to tackle issues of sexuality. I have identified a lovely host, a beautiful lady in the rural communities of Botswana, who will be teaching us about our bodies and if you have any sexual problems you can share with her. Issues of impotence for both men and women, low sex drive, menopause. These are topics that are deemed taboo in my culture but for a strange reason, in some parts of my country, they are discussed openly and I believe we can learn a lot from these women.

E reng GLOW? The GLOW is very much evident!

I’m highly expressive when it comes to sex and not shy to discuss whether with my close friends or partner and to be honest with you, my sex drive is dangerous if I have to say it so myself. And in these women, I found my true sisters who get me! I’m even giggling as I share this post cos these are the stuff dreams are made of, SEX is important, and great SEX will make you go GAGA! AND THE GLOW IS EVIDENT! (Stop it Cynth!!! Ha ha…silly me!)

Our Gaborone Karaoke nights on a combi to a local bar! Every Wednesday! Do book yourself a spot!

Enough about this awesome topic and do enroll into this adventure of a lifetime with HSA. I actually have some herbs that I was given by my dear friends which help with self lubrication. If you want to hear more, enroll into our dinner parties where you will get to hear and learn more on them. Or you can enroll into our City karaoke nights at one of our local pubs, maybe you feel like cycling in the bush then we are ready to host you.


Feel free to reach out to us for a lovely experience, we always have something fun to do!


Keep well and looking forward to more interactions with you.

Happy Soul Adventures

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I love your authenticity. Loads of love hun

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