The power of manifestation!

I manifested on this interview 10 years ago when I saw someone being interviewed on Inside Africa and indeed my dream came true and couldn't ask for more! Keep away from dwelling too much on negative thoughts and only bring positive vibes into your soul and work hard towards achieving all your heart's desires.

Happy Soul Adventures Featured on CNN

Interview by the bridge overlooking the Gaborone Bus Terminal

About over a month ago, we shot a segment here in Gaborone for Market Place Africa on CNN. This was such a big opportunity for me and I’m eternally grateful. I strongly believe that the disruptive economy is here to stay and it’s going to be the biggest game changer in the global economy and we all need to see how we can become a part of it one way or the other. One thing I love about this model is because its success story highly relies on collaborations and indeed if we work together as a team and not compete, we can create amazing things. Also, what I love about this model is that, everyone gets to benefit. I started my travel company Happy Soul Adventures beginning of the year and got licensed in March by the Government tourism division.

I am a happy soul and I love meeting people and hosting is part of my DNA, and that’s how HSA started. And my hospitality experience and exposure from my previous job has tremendously contributed to the success of my company. Also, my creative background has massively helped me position my company very very well. I pretty much do everything myself from web development, video editing, photography and concept development. I am  very much hands and my wish is to see HSA out there selling Botswana based on our story as the people of Botswana. I believe our safari model is a very successful one and will continue doing very well for us because it has been packaged very well both by our government and all various stakeholders in the hospitality industry.

My dream is to see more people coming to Botswana to come and see how we live and truly immerse themselves in our culture. Italy is a great example of this model, people go to Italy to learn about their history, eat their pasta, drink plenty of wine, dance to Italian music (well that’s exactly what I did last year when I traveled to Italy). I came home very refreshed and energized and wanted to see how I could also tap into this model.

Thanks to Airbnb, I have so far hosted 20 people and I offer them a true local experience. I want my guests to know about my culture, eat our food, dance to our local music (MOJEMO), learn a word or two of our local language, shop local art and listen to our stories.

Hosted Zanele from South Africa via Airbnb, she wanted to experience my city with a local and we did just that. Here we were at a monument which she requested to visit and I obliged.

After our tour, we went to a local pub/restaurant for a sundowner before we headed home to get ready to check out the night scene together. She has since gone back home and we still keep in touch. Such a lovely soul she is.


I recently hosted Brianna on a day tour of the city. She wanted to experience the local scene after her week long conference.

We went to a local market place where she tried out some local delicacies, which she ended buying to take home with.

Brianna requested for fabric shopping cos she’s busy refurbishing her house back in the States. We literally spent an hour in the fabric store cos she couldn’t decide what to buy. lol well eventually she did.

Brianna decided to check out of her hotel and come stay with us cos she wanted to hangout. Next day we went to eat at a local restaurant before we took her to the airport with my friends.

I have to admit, I have amazing friends around me with beautiful energies and all of my clients absolutely love them because we are happy souls!

All experiences are tailor made to what the client is looking for and this weekend I have hosted 3 clients on separate occasions and some now book outside of Airbnb cos we have connected really well.

Cycling tours are also part of what we offert. Recently hosted this amazing group of women and we went cycling in a small village outside of Gaborone called Manyana.

So much joy and peace out there! Happy Soul Adventures is the plug!

And I’m there to capture all these amazing experiences for you! Such a baddie!

Tomorrow I have a young lady that I’m taking on a city tour, she’s here with her father and she wants to experience a typical local scene. I love hosting and my wish is to hopefully soon move into a much bigger house and host more people because it gives me plenty of joy. Every week I have a new guest and conversations are such a breath of fresh air, they really feed my creative appetite and couldn’t ask for me. My wealth is way bigger than any bank account because my cup runneth full. And most of them are shocked that I’m single…lol…honestly right now I love myself way too much and keep all this energy to myself until I find that one guy who truly gets my vibe. I know I’m not getting any younger but I honestly can’t be bothered much cos my new career path keeps me alive! I am in a very good space of my life. Life is indeed grand!

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I would love to continue hosting and hope I will either host you soon or your friends. My lovely Botswana awaits you! All experiences are tailor made to your needs. You can email to  for more information on everything that we offer at Happy Soul Adventures. See you soon!

Happy Soul Adventures

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