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Monthly Archive July 2018

Travel around Botswana

If you haven’t been to Botswana yet and if you reside in Botswana and haven’t done weekend getaways to nearby towns, then you are definitely missing out. Weekend getaways are not about just driving out and going drinking with your buddies (well that’s a typical getaway vibe in my city), for me, a weekend getaway is about driving out to a small nearby town and just immerse yourself in the scenery and the also meeting the locals.

The people of Botswana are very warm, peaceful and welcoming. And always make sure that you say ‘Dumela’ which basically means ‘Good Day’ and that small gesture will open a lot of doors for you, humility will take you far. Authentic human connections are essential and they bring people closer and truly make life worth living.

I love leaving a mark of love and happiness wherever I go and life couldn’t be more grand.