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    Have you ever been in love?

    Love is more that just uttering those words...love is more than material things...love is more than those sweet nothing messages...let me share with you my type of love..

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    How are your creative juices?

    Do you ever challenge your creative brain? And why are we such copy cats as a nation?

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    The art of hosting.

    I love meeting new people, I love exploring the unknown.

About Cynthia Botshelo Mothelesi (Happy Soul Adventures, Creative Founder)

I love to travel, I love meeting new people, seeing new places and most importantly immersing my energy in the local culture. I'm very much passionate about my Botswana and would love to host you on a Happy Soul Adventure across Botswana. So much to explore, see and experience. African is BEAUTIFUL, Africa is LOVE, Africa is beaming with life and waiting for us to explore and share with the rest of the world. AFRICA IS NOW!! And no place I'd rather be than in my beautiful Botswana.

About the Blog

A blog that focuses on mainly travel around Botswana, our permanent base. Also with interest in exploring the rest of Africa.

What inspired the blog?

Botswana is such a beautiful magical place and what a better way to explore it through the locals. At Happy Soul Adventures, we want you to explore Botswana with us through the locals. Expect cycling tours around Botswana, visit typical locally hangout spots and see how we live.

Latest projects

Continuously challenging myself...

Story telling through film

I have always wanted to go back to film and been busy lately when I have time to get myself ready.


I love meeting new people, last year I hosted a couple of dinner parties in my home, this year I'm busy with my Airbnb and growing my travel business.

Love for Art

I have been busy working on a couple of collaborations with a few people. I believe that if we work as a collective, then we will be able to see even more progress. I'm extremely grateful for all the opportunities and continuously learning. I have realized just how much there is out there to do! Just be hungry to explore and learn!

Latest news

The blog just finally launched so let's explore it together. You are most welcome!

Our Experiences at HSA

  A love so pure and I can't wait to visit again! This time around, I'm spending a couple of nights with them. I know I haven't blogg

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Happy Soul Adventures Featured on CNN

Interview by the bridge overlooking the Gaborone Bus Terminal About over a month ago, we shot a segment here in Gaborone for Market Place Af

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Have you ever been to the Makgadikgadi Pans?

Deep in the Makgadikgadi Pans, my happy place For me, my ultimate goal is to just travel around Botswana and identify amazing locations and e

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